Updated : 24/05/2024

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24/05/2024 02:28:33 PM
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Elon Musk attacks Biden’s tariffs on Chinese electric cars
The enemies of the West are building aircraft carriers with drone air wings
Mike Lynch set to testify at US fraud trial
More Russian ships sunk: The West and Ukraine are winning the missile-and-drone war
Donald Trump’s Truth Social network loses £258m
Raspberry Pi staff to share £68m payday from London float
It’s time to bring back the world’s greatest fighter jet – from the 1990s
How ChatGPT’s Russian-born genius sealed his fate after a shocking coup
The USA only had 20 of these potent Stealth craft. Now it has one less
Hobbyist computer company prepares £500m London listing
Former Royal Mail boss seeks to deliver post by drone
The US Army could not survive for long in a Ukraine level drone war
Soaring demand from power-hungry AI is derailing Biden’s green energy transition
‘Elon Musk of Essex’ prepares to call in administrators
Steve Jobs would have sacked everyone involved in Apple’s awful iPad advert
British tech companies to use EU’s powerful supercomputers as UK falls behind
‘This is my 85th job application – and so far I’ve only spoken to AI bots’
Chinese Uber rival revives UK launch plans
The US Army is getting new ‘Iron Fist’ technology – thanks to Ukraine war aid
Sorry, Gen Z, but this is why you need to pick up the phone
One in 50 crimes start on Facebook and Instagram
Britain has a ‘culture problem with business’, warns Darktrace chairman
Trump’s electric car ‘bloodbath’ is here already, courtesy of China-owned Volvo
Firepower crisis: The US Navy will lose 1500 missile launch tubes in the next few years
Huawei steals market share from Apple despite Western sanctions
The best MacBooks of 2024, tried and tested by an expert – which should you buy?
Look out, US Navy carriers: China’s hypersonic rocket drone is seen in the wild
Sunak to water down kids smartphone rules after industry backlash
Why Apple has a $300bn ‘Made in China’ problem
Australia’s 36-foot ‘Ghost Shark’ is just the first of the new, huge robot war submarines
The fast delivery bubble has burst – its funders have serious questions to answer
‘Our clients prefer US stocks’, says founder of £2.8bn trading platform
New York threatens London’s fintech dominance, says Revolut UK chief
I owe my billions to American capitalism – now anyone can make the same from their couch
Snoop Dogg-backed cannabis biotech startup to quit ‘turbulent’ London stock market
Google backs London AI law firm in £9.5m funding round
Tories have fallen for the Silicon Valley fantasy hook, line and sinker
Raspberry Pi staff to share £68m payday from London float
Melinda Gates quits Gates Foundation after divorce from Microsoft billionaire
Atlas: J.Lo’s high-kicking heroine just about makes this silly sci-fi ignite
Worried about AI taking your job? Invest in miners to beat the robots
Russian spies tried to interfere with Putin film, director claims
Duty of Care campaign
Bereaved parents will get access to children’s social media accounts in duty of care victory
Bereaved parents accuse Government of ‘watering down’ online safety laws
Under-16s could face limits on social media
The best gaming laptops of 2024 tried and tested for power, price and graphics
Kyle MacLachlan interview: ‘I’m drawn to the deep, dark and mysterious’
Jodie Comer’s pixelated hell: why Hollywood stars are ruining video games
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Scientific American
24/05/2024 02:28:22 PM
Black HolesMay 23, 2024We’ve Finally Seen Matter Plunge into a Black Hole
Bird Flu Detected in Humans in the U.S.: What We Know So Far
Cities Are Switching to Electric Vehicles Faster Than Individuals
The Emerging Artificial Intelligence Era Faces a Growing Threat from Directed Energy Weapons
How Bird Flu Slipped Past High-Tech Texas Dairy Farmers
Crows Rival Human Toddlers in Counting Skills
Europe's Mars Rover Will Use New Nuclear Power Source
Meet Wind Shear, the Phenomenon That Can Rip a Hurricane Apart
Bilingual AI Brain Implant Helps Stroke Survivor Converse in Both Spanish and English
Grizzly Bears Will Finally Return to Washington State. Humans Aren’t Sure How to Greet Them
Lifting the Veil on Near-Death Experiences
Revolutionary Genetics Research Shows RNA May Rule Our Genome
Adolescent Anxiety Is Hard to Treat. New Drug-Free Approaches May Help
Superheavy Elements Are Breaking the Periodic Table
Humans Are Driving a New Kind of Evolution in Animals
Climate ChangeMay 21, 2024America’s Hottest City Is Having a Surge of Deaths
Planetary ScienceMay 16, 2024The Strongest Solar Storm in 20 Years Did Little Damage, but Worse Space Weather Is Coming
SpacecraftMay 15, 2024A Brand-New Spacecraft Will Visit the International Space Station Soon
Quantum ComputingMay 20, 2024Quantum Internet Milestone Takes Entanglement Out of the Lab and into Cities
OpinionMay 17, 2024There Is Too Much Trash in Space
Public HealthMay 10, 2024Brain Worms like the One in RFK, Jr.’s Head Are Actually a Global Problem

24/05/2024 02:28:34 PM
27 new wild swimming sites for England - but are they clean?
Together in wonder: North America awed by total solar eclipse
Hottest February marks ninth new monthly record
UK quits treaty that lets oil firms sue government
The man on a mission to open up space to disability
European astronaut rookies make the grade
07:44 23 MayRoman oyster processing site found on Humber bank, published at 07:44 23 MayRoman oyster processing site found on Humber bank
16:52 22 MayExperts unearth secrets of city's former castle, published at 16:52 22 MayExperts unearth secrets of city's former castle
13:52 22 MayIowa storms: Razed homes and wrecked wind turbines. Video, 00:00:54, published at 13:52 22 MayIowa storms: Razed homes and wrecked wind turbines

New Scientist

24/05/2024 02:28:22 PM
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24/05/2024 02:28:34 PM
This week's magazine
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How indefinite causality could lead us to a theory of quantum gravity
To rescue biodiversity, we need a better way to measure it
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6Incredible maths proof is so complex that almost no one can explain it
7Modern soldiers test ancient Greek armour to show it worked for war
8World’s only lungless frog species actually does have lungs after all
9Earth-like exoplanet found just 40 light years away – the closest yet
10Hot Atlantic sets the stage for extreme hurricane season
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Video AI-driven race cars test limits of autonomous driverless technology VideoSubscriber-only
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24/05/2024 02:28:24 PM
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Bizarre bacteria defy textbooks by writing new genes Bacterial defensive systems scramble the standard workflow of life.
Element from the periodic table’s far reaches coaxed into elusive compound Chemists achieve synthetic feat with radioactive promethium for the first time.
Protests over Israel-Hamas war have torn US universities apart: what’s next? news explainer | 22 May 2024
China’s ChatGPT: why China is building its own AI chatbots news | 22 May 2024
Lab-grown sperm and eggs: ‘epigenetic’ reset in human cells paves the way news | 21 May 2024
First ‘bilingual’ brain-reading device decodes Spanish and English words news | 21 May 2024
Why mathematics is set to be revolutionized by AI Thomas Fink world view | 14 May 2024
AlphaFold3 — why did Nature publish it without its code? Criticism of our decision to publish AlphaFold3 raises important questions. We welcome readers’ views.
How to kill the ‘zombie’ cells that make you age Researchers are using new molecules, engineered immune cells and gene therapy to kill senescent cells and treat age-related diseases.
Hacking the immune system could slow ageing — here’s how Our immune system falters over time, which could explain the negative effects of ageing.
These crows have counting skills previously only seen in people NEWS | 23 MAY 2024
Who will make AlphaFold3 open source? Scientists race to crack AI model NEWS | 23 MAY 2024
Fentanyl addiction: the brain pathways behind the opioid crisis NATURE PODCAST | 22 MAY 2024
Egypt is building a $1-billion mega-museum. Will it bring Egyptology home? NEWS FEATURE | 22 MAY 2024
A DARPA-like agency could boost EU innovation — but cannot come at the expense of existing schemes If Europe wants to create a high-risk, high-reward research body, it needs grass-roots backing.
Why role-playing games can spur climate action Sam Illingworth world view
Pay researchers to spot errors in published papers Malte Elson world view
A global pandemic treaty is in sight: don’t scupper it Editorial
AlphaFold3 — why did Nature publish it without its code? Editorial
Egypt is building a $1-billion mega-museum. Will it bring Egyptology home? News Feature
Resilience lessons from ancient societies are still relevant today News & Views
The solar dynamo begins near the surface Article
Measurement of the superfluid fraction of a supersolid by Josephson effect Article
Seed-stashing chickadees overturn ideas about location memory news and views
Combined cement and steel recycling could cut CO2 emissions news and views
Neural pathways for reward and relief promote fentanyl addiction news and views
Instability could explain the Sun’s curious cycle news and views
How religious scientists balance work and faith Researchers find ways to interweave faith and science, from discussing Ramadan fasts with colleagues to applying religious parables to lab work.
Can mathematicians help to solve social-justice problems? career feature
How my research is putting blue crab on the menu in Croatia where i work
Explaining novel scientific concepts to people whose technical acumen does not extend to turning it off, then turning it on again Guided by the light.
Tashni’s first tunnel Digging deep.
Time’s restless ocean futures
Dumping, pillaging and slavery — why exploitation of the high seas must end book review
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